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Advertiser Frequently Asked Questions

Bloggers Frequently Asked Questions

Advertiser Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blog Meets Brand?

Blog Meets Brand is a unique content marketing platform that allows marketers to activate social media campaigns with bloggers by geography, by category, by interest and other criteria. See how it works

Why Choose Blog Meets Brand?

BMB is a fast, easy and economical way to activate marketing campaigns with influencers. You will be able to create social buzz and generate immediate credibility for your brand. Our industry experience in launching bloggers campaigns led us to develop the leading turnkey solution for social awareness.

What is Blogger Activation?

Any time a business engages bloggers to spread a message on its behalf, activation happens. There are many ways in which this can be achieved but activation generally happens across various channels including blogs, Twitter, Facebook and more. Some of the most popular blogger campaigns feature product reviews, giveaways, discounts, tutorials/demos and virtual/live events and more.

Whatever your budget is, Blog Meets Brand will guarantee a set number of blog and social media impressions. You set the parameters and provide the guidelines and we’ll assign bloggers who are best suited to get the job done.

For real examples, check out our Case Studies.

How do you Qualify bloggers?

In addition to an influencer's monthly unique visitors to her/his blog and social media following across Facebook, Twitter and other social sites, we pay close attention to how engaged an influencer's followers are, the quality and frequency with which the influencer writes and how generous the influencer is with sharing content across social media sites.

How is Performance Tracked?

Bloggers who create an account are asked to connect their Google Analytics accounts to their Blog Meets Brand profiles so that accurate information on an influencer's unique visitors, pageviews, users and demographic information can be reported to advertisers. For social media, we work with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to collect follower information in real time.

How Can I Make Sure Bloggers Complete Each Assignment Successfully

All activity is tracked and can be accessed through your dashboard. If you believe a blogger has not followed your criteria, you simply let us know and we will resolve or provide a make-good.

How do I Target my Campaign?

Blog Meets Brand will prompt you to select the bloggers you want to reach based on location and/or content vertical.

Can I Communicate with Bloggers if I want to Make a Change?

Changes should be sent to us via email and we will communicate those requests to the bloggers on your behalf. Please send change requests to

How Long can a Campaign Last?

The duration of a campaign is entirely up to you though we recommend you set a limit to one month or less.

Bloggers Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Blog Meets Brand Benefit Bloggers?

Blog Meets Brand provides you with access to paid-for opportunities that can help you build your blog, business and bank account! Our service is similar to an online job board, only Blog Meets Brand matches bloggers to advertisers who are seeking social promotion.

Do I have to Pay to Become a Member?

Blog Meets Brand is free for bloggers. All you need to do is sign up and fill out a profile in order to become a member. To sign up and get started, click here.

Who can View my Profile?

Advertisers can only see you profile information only when you have been assigned to work on a campaign for them, Otherwise, all of your account information is kept private.

What Types of Assignments Can I Expect to Receive from Advertisers?

Assignments submitted by advertisers range from Sponsored posts to photo contest promotions. You can edit your profile to specify on which types of campaigns you're interested in working.

How Are Bloggers Selected for Campaigns?

Each campaign is different, and we assign influencers based on a number of different criteria. Ultimately, we aim to find the influencers most likely to reach the users the brand is hoping to reach. While traffic is one consideration, we also look at the quality of each blog, level of engagement and how reliable you are in handling sponsored assignments.

How Will I Get Paid?

Upon successful completion of an assignment where all guidelines have been satisfied, the agreed-upon payment will be sent via PayPal 45 days after the campaign end date assuming Blog Meets Brand has been paid in full by the advertiser. If you do not connect a PayPal account, you will not be paid for the campaign.

How will I know if I have Been Selected for a Campaign

Anytime you are assigned to a campaign, Blog Meets Brand will send you an email alert informing you of the assignment.

What if I am not interested in a campaign opportunity?

Simply submit the decline button and you will not be assigned to the campaign.

What If I am Having Trouble Embedding the Tracking Code to my Blog?

Send us an email to and one of our customer service representatives will talk you through the process.

Having problems with placing the Tracking code to your blog? Watch this short video.

*** Blog Meets Brand is not an agency. While the above represents some of the feedback we’ve heard from advertisers on our site, we do not guarantee that following these guidelines will land you an assignment.

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