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Blog Meets Brand is the fastest-growing influencer marketplace that connects high-profile bloggers with brands seeking exposure across social media platforms. It's a faster, easier way to recruit bloggers for social engagements and implement promotional campaigns that leverage the reach and influence of today’s top influencers.

Blog Meets Brand is built upon our years of lessons learned - from spotting and vetting the best candidates to negotiating rates and preparing campaign guidelines that are easy to follow and that yield results. This robust platform is here to help marketers get into the social stream of consumers: release a message to alert online media about a special event or promotion, plan and implement social campaigns, create fresh and engaging branded content that generates awareness.

For bloggers, we provide access to the latest promotions, connections to leading brands, a chance to build your portfolio and find new professional opportunities. You only join a project if you have interest in it and you pass on it if you don't.

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